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What makes FreedomPop
America’s #1 Cell Service for Seniors? 

It starts with our name: Freedom--Freedom from high-priced bills, never-ending rate hikes, endless waits for customer service, and bait & switch promotions by the main Corporate Carriers that sound great but never last.
But it’s so much more.

As our customers will tell you, FreedomPop is built specifically to serve America’s growing number of seniors whose wireless needs
have been overlooked for too long.

Seniors are among the most loyal customers in the world. They often live on fixed or limited retirement incomes. They need reliability and convenience because they may lack the mobility to travel to retail stores or service locations just to get upgrades or repairs. They deserve attentive, patient customer care when they need help or tech support. And they need to TRUST their carrier to tell them about ways they can save money on their bill
– and not keep those options hidden.

The problem was simple: no Corporate Carrier made Seniors their priority.
Until now!

If you’re a Senior or anyone who wants the best cell plan for the lowest price--FreedomPop has regular plans starting at just $10 per month that give you unlimited talk and text plus full nationwide coverage
and 1GB of blazing-fast 5G internet.

Our friendly, trained telephone staff will walk you through each step and help you apply right from our website. We pride ourselves in answering your calls with a live person in 2 mins or less!

We make switching from your old wireless service to FreedomPop as simple as 1-2-3.And one more thing: no more traveling to and from a crowded cellphone store where you might have to wait hours for service! With FreedomPop, it’s all done from the comfort of your own home.

So why wait another day to cut your over-priced Corporate Carrier bills in half. Visit us now at www.FreedomPop.com. Find out why people just like you are switching to FreedomPop.

America’s #1 Cell Service for Seniors.

Switching is Easy!

Step 1

Just choose your plan

Step 2

Keep your phone & number- or get a new one!

Step 3

Activate online or by phone. Start enjoying FreedomPop

Our Plans

Save money and stay connected without overspending.


• Unlimited talk & text
• 10GB of 5G+ speeds
• Nationwide coverage

Our Most Popular!



Unlimited talk & text
1GB of 5G+ speeds
Nationwide coverage

Not sure which plan?

10GB of
Cell Phone Data

10GB is great for heavier data users, especially if you do not have WiFi at home. You'll want this plan for extensive internet usage or for regular streaming of videos to your cell phone without WiFi.


1GB of
Cell Phone Data

1GB is great for everyday use like sending emails, browsing the internet, and even watching some videos online. Especially if you have WiFi at home, 1GB of cell phone data can be plenty for the light-to-average user.

 NO ONE compares to FreedomPop!
See for yourself...


Coverage Across the Country!

FreedomPop offers a vast 5G network across the United States, including rural areas. Stay connected no matter where you are with our reliable coverage. Switch today to experience unmatched connectivity and enjoy the benefits of our extensive network. Check the coverage map for more information.

See what our customers say...


"Everything has worked great, good quality and speed.

- Yellow D.


"No contract required, cheap and many plans I can choose, also there is a completely free plan." 

- Yuko G.


"FreedomPop has done well keeping my service going and honoring my long-standing phone needs... "

- Rodney T.

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