FP - 5G - Map

FreedomPop has 5G Speeds 

FreedomPop offers the latest in cell phone technology, including the fastest, most reliable mobile connectivity. Learn how fast 5G is and see if you’re covered.

FP - 5G - Map

How Fast is 5G?

There are many different generations of the mobile network. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology and offers the fastest connection speed to date. Connection speed can affect how quickly a photo, video, or game loads on your device when you open it.

5G networks are designed to be more reliable than previous generations. They use advanced techniques like network slicing and redundancy to ensure consistent connectivity.

See standard upload and download speeds on the FreedomPop GSMA network for each generation. 

2G Network
3G Network
4G Network
5G Network

While there are standard upload and download speeds for every generation, the speeds you experience can vary based on many different factors. These can include how close you’re located to a network tower, current weather conditions, and even the type of structure you’re in when you’re trying to use your device.